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What does it take to trust?

Far more than a story of a young girl lost; this novel is about family and resilience; it's about how society steps in to take care of its own.

Ryder Stephens

A Novel

Immediately engaging

I couldn't help but be invested in this story of a precocious runaway and her quest for family and belonging. Colorful characters come to life through witty prose."

A page turner

"I loved this book and recommended it to my 14-year-old daughter who also loved it. I thought it would be dark, but it wound up being the opposite in that the characters and their relationships were so beautifully conceived.This book is beautiful and not at all cliched."

Great Book Club Book

"A wonderfully written and engaging book, with some surprising and moving twists! The story perfectly captures Ryder's struggle with family and loss, and ultimately her survival and happiness. Highly recommend!"

A modern orphan

"A classic orphan tale told through a modern lens, with a complex yet identifiable heroine. Well written and immediately engaging."

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