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Ryder Stephens

A Novel

Big without backgd

Music like you've never read before

Immediately engaging

I couldn't help but be invested in this story of a precocious runaway and her quest for family and belonging. Colorful characters come to life through witty prose."

Great Book Club Book

"A wonderfully written and engaging book, with some surprising and moving twists! The story perfectly captures Ryder's struggle with family and loss, and ultimately her survival and happiness. Highly recommend!"

You'll root for Ryder

"The first-person narrative has a raw intensity that draws you in. You are Ryder, living her life, her fears, her dreams. The poignancy of a lost childhood is captured beautifully."

A modern orphan

"A classic orphan tale told through a modern lens, with a complex yet identifiable heroine. Well written and immediately engaging."

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The novel ‘Ryder Stephens’ is a bittersweet book, portraying the reality of life and struggles experienced throughout it. Although at first the story appears to be light-hearted it later evolves to be tragic and emotional. It is an exceptional story about abandonment and I would definitely recommend this Novel to book lovers. 

Maya, age 13

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